Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Walk in my shoes

Today we basically were split into people that tested other games and a person who stayed back and took criticism from the group that play tested. There were many faults in our game that were seen when they play tested it. One major change was to Replace a B or T with a normal directional card …to make them one use only. Another added detail that was huge was that we added a polor bear. The objective was to avoid the polar bear…have the bear move around and bring players back to their original spot. Another idea was to have a token on every space that was moved on but that is still in a debate. There are many other changes that need to be done.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5 - Updating Game Theme

We finalized the theme to be of the Arctic All the rules were finalized.
The traps and bonuses from last week were merged with the current them we just thought of.
For each trap and bonus card, there is a picture of the concept, and a description at the bottom (name of the bonus/trap and then a funny catchline)
The back of the cards will have snowflakes. Small - Large sizes of snowflakes on the cards to make it seem random.
We have to make a layout of the whole grid, like a snow wasteland.
The pictures of shoes on the cards will change to snowshoe prints.
Make a Book of Rules - Title: The Survival Guide: How to Survive a Blizzard. It will have the theme, and that you have to escape the coming blizzard by getting to the middle and be safe in the igloo.
Next week, have a layout of the board grid, make the pieces of the games a little smaller, replace shoes with snowshoes

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We started our day finishing cutting up the pieces to start up our earliest stages of play testing. We played a game from a previous semester called "Stop!" to get ideas and see what works and what doesn't. We set up the board game and identified the bonus's and trap cards and play tested our game and decided the number of bonus's and traps were too many. Next class we intend on downgrading the amount of cards to 6 traps, and 6 bonus's. Also we implemented the use of a dice to decide the bonus/trap cards. The board will be enlarged to include more hexagonal directions.

We will continue to brainstorm theme ideas to enhance the rules and attraction.
Rocky has come up with a "Cave" idea where players will have to endure a dirt trail and avoid any falling rocks...Perhaps an Indiana Jones atmosphere where players are equip with weapons and abilities. Another idea was the jungle idea or snow ideas with snow footprints

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14: First Collaborative Step

After presenting our individual ideas we chose to select Rocky's idea of "Walk In My Shoes". We discussed possible materials for our prototype. Our goal is to begin play testing asap. We are in need of a theme for our game. Perhaps a space theme or even a bee hive...flower power! Or maybe a medieval castle...We plan on reconstructing the game in order to ensure a difficulty level for all players. Details that need be changed: with every color pallet offers a different direction in which you must follow, add letters to every octagon.

We eventually decided on a medieval theme and possibly incorporating a capture the flag aspect as well. Because of this radical change in scenery & idea our game title may be changed to "Capture the Castle" (or something along those lines at least)...A castle will be implanted in the center of green colored octagonal board. We are in the process of preparing "perks", "medieval trivial facts", as well as octagonal direction cards.

Enjoy the rest of your day.